Tipping In India, A Flexible Choice

Tipping in India

Tipping is a custom and culture in western countries while Tipping In India is a matter of choice. However, in some places like hotels and restaurants the service staff expects tips. As the definition says tip is the money given to a service worker so it depends on you how good of a service you have received. Now so many of you are not familiar about the amount of the tip well unlike USA or other countries here is not a fixed section for it. You do not have to pay 15 to 20 percents of the bill as a tip. It remains less than 10% all the time.

Tipping in India:  The Taxi Drivers


While the taxi picks you from the airport and drops you at the hotel you can tip him as per your choice just keep the tip below 10%. If the fare is 300 you can go for a 10% tip. However, If your fare is Rs. 1000 you should keep it to 5 to 7% so Rs. 70 tip is sufficient.

Rest is depend on how you like his service you can go to 10% if the service is good. If you hire the taxi for the entire day then a tip of 150 INR would be a nice one. However, if you have hired a taxi for a multiple days and the driver gives you tips about what to visit and when to visit then he deserves 350 to 500 as a tip.

Tipping in India @ Hotels


In some of the hotels it is customary for the foreigners to tip. You will see the tipping box at the reception. If your room costs 3000 per day and you have to stay for 2 days you should go for 5 to 7.5% of the total bill and tip 300 to 450. If you are staying in more luxury hotel that costs 4000 per day/night and you stay there for 3 days then you should keep the tip between 3 to 5%.

Hence a tip of 350 – 600 is good it depends on the facilities that you have received. Apart from it you will face some tipping requests from the room services if you ask for any service but you should avoid these requests. However you cannot avoid them all the time so just tip them Rs. 10-30 . If you do not see the tipping box in the hotel it means tipping is not customary duty here. You can tip the head receptionist if you want to.

Tipping in India @Guides


Guides play an important role in your trip so depending on the service. You should tip 100 to 250 per day. If you are in a group of 10 then 20- 30 rupees each of you should tip the guide.

Tipping in India @Restaurant


Likewise the hotels here the tipping depends on the bill amount and the luxuriousness. To illustrate, if your bill amount is 400, 50-60 is a fair tip. Moreover, if the amount is 400-1000 you can go for a 10%. However if it is over 1000 you should reduce the tip from 10% to 6-8% depending upon how tasty the food and how smooth the service was. If you are eating at a Dhaba, a tip of 50 would be a treat of happiness for the chotu.

Tipping in India @Hair Stylist


India is the country where you can have any hair style at the cheapest of prices if you are thinking about getting one then do not hesitate and get one. A tip of 50-100 is a fair for the hair stylists.


Apart from this if you hire a tuk tuk in Delhi and your fare was below 50 there is no need for a tip but if you feel really pleased by the service then the choice is yours for the making.


Tipping is not customary in India. However there are few place that ask for a tip but you can avoid that if you do not have that much of a big budget. This flexible and diverse nature of India makes it an ideal country to browse through.

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