7 Unique Things You Should Buy in India

Things to buy in India

India is famous of his diverse nature. Moreover, the Country contains all kind of traits to allure you. From hottest desert to the -25 degrees cold zone you can experience any weather. Besides this, India will give you the opportunity to browse through different cultures. Moreover, from those cultures you will have allured by so many things. And, eventually you will be fascinated to buy all those things. So today we have brought you the best Things You Should Buy in India

Things You Should Buy in India #Handicrafts

Things You Should Buy in India

If you visit Dilli Haat you can find a lot of artworks of your fascination and you will have the desire of taking them all with you. Apart from Dilli Haat you can get these decorative items from their respective states but here in the Dilli Haat you will have all the states together at one place just chose whatever you want from sandal carvings, terracotta dishes to the marble carvings. Anything that you needs to decorate your home.



Most of the people feel too amazed by the furniture of Rajasthan that they cannot resist the impulse to buy that. The comparatively cheaper price and the royal look of the furniture will surely make it to your wish list.

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Spices And Pickles


Who doesn’t like to add a slight kick to their meal? All across the globe there would not be any person that doesn’t want taste with his meal. And the pickle and spices of India are famous to do so. You can buy a huge variety of pickles in India from cucumber, lemon, mango, ginger, chicken, mushroom, carrot, and radish to chilly, just make your choice and take whatever you like at the cheapest price. Speaking of low price rates, yes! You can have the spices at a low price. But you should confirm about your flight if pickle is allowed or not.

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Things You Should Buy in India #Traditional Clothes

Traditional Clothes to buy in India

One of the sweetest and most pleasant memories you can take away with you if you buy Saree, the traditional dress for Indian housewives. The kanchipuram silk saree is the best choice among Indians you can test it by yourself. Besides this here you can buy salwaar kameez and the most famous salwar kameez is the Punjabi (patyala). Apart from the women wear there is also a wide range in men’s section. From Dhoti kurta to kurta payjama just chose whatever you like. You can also have a large variety in foot wears.

Shawl, Embroidery And Jewelry


One of the best things to buy in India is the pashmeena shawl. It is costly, but the quality and the embroidery make it desirable. You can buy it in Kashmir. Apart from the shawl and embroidery you can also buy gems and other precious jewelry. No doubt, India is the favorite among gold lovers as well as gold diggers. You can buy gold jewelry at a reasonable price.

Paintings And Statues

Things You Should Buy in India Paintings

If you are a fan of paintings and sculptures then Tamil nadu will not disappoint you. The Tanjore style paintings are world famous. Due to its rare designing and the beautiful executions the paintings will never fail to amaze you. Apart from it you can have those Hindu statues decorated at your house.



Likewise the people living in it, India also have a sweet nature. You can buy sweets that you had never seen before, and those sweets will allure all of your sense for sure. The mouth watering rasgulla and yummy burfies, on top of all these there is Jalebi. We can bet you cannot resist the temptation once you have smelled them and after eating you will not leave without saying “yummmmm”. You can carry some dry sweet for your loved ones to try.

Apart from the mentioned things there are so many Things You Should Buy in India like curry powder, Kesar, tea of darjling, music cds, bollywood movies of 70s, 80s, khadi clothes, books, antique items, Indian style music instruments and ayurveda products. Maybe these things do not look that much fascinating now, but trust us you will definitely be attracted by the pleasantness of these things if you visit India.

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