How to Dress in India – Complete Guide to Indian Dressing

India is a Large country. Too Many states, too many traditions, too many cultures, and just too much of life. so for foreigners, it’s always hard to decide there outfit in India. They always get confused like What to Wear in India, But no more worry guys. Tripopedia will help you with all information in How to Dress in India. so let’s start with Men’s Guide of Dressing in India.

How to Dress in India for Men’s

Well, for men’s there’s not much dress code in India. It’s not necessary to wear those proper Indian Outfits like “Kurta Pyjama” or “Lungi”. You can wear almost any of your western outfits like Jeans and Tshirt or anything. Since India is a large country, dressing sense changes in every region. In Rural Ares, you will find mostly men’s wearing Lungi and Kurta etc. Here I am talking about Men’s Foreigner in India, so they can wear anything comfortable.

Some Possible Dress Combinations for Men’s Tourists in India are – Trouser/Chinos and Shirt/Tshirt, Shorts and Tshirts, Joggers and Tshirts. You can also try out some Indian Outfits, like the one in the picture below. You will have an additional memory of India, with some cool and colourful Indian Dress.

How to dress in India

Mens in below pic are wearing Shirts with white ‘Lungi’ down. This is more like a Traditional Dress of India. For some photo shoot or in a small trip to some village, you can rock in this dress too.

How to Dress in India

How to Dress in India for Women’s

It is sad, but for women’s there’s some dress code for Indians. The Indian society doesn’t feel comfortable when women’s wear western dresses in public Area. You cannot wear shorts and low cut tops even in Cities (Exceptions are like Beach places in Mumbai and Goa). For Women’s – they need to care about what they are going to wear as safety precaution too. One of the worst habits of most Indians is of ‘Continous-creepy-staring’. If you don’t want people at public places, staring at your assets then you should cover your body well.

Complete Guide to Indian Dressing

The proper Indian Dress for Indian Women’s is generally ‘Saree’ and ‘Salwar-Kameez’. That doesn’t mean you have to be in Saree all the time in India – while exploring cities, while travelling, No. You don’t have to be in Saree all the time. (FYI: Wearing Saree is very difficult, but maintaining saree properly, as long as it’s on your body, is 10X difficult). Look at the picture below: –

Some Tourists nearby India Gate are wearing normal Tshirts and leggings. You can wear them too. One thing you should keep in mind is that you dress shouldn’t be too much revealing. Populations of perverts are quite high in this country, you have to be safe. You can also wear Jeans and Tshirts in Cities like Delhi and Mumbai, No issues but try to avoid them when you visit Rural areas.

How to Dress in India

See the tourists below in proper Indian Dress, cool isn’t it? You can also try them out. But Normally you can wear your normal dresses, which are not quite revealing. Buy a ‘Shawl’ or ‘Scarf’ and wear it for a more covered up look.
How to Dress in India

This was another Article for Tourists Travelling in India on, I hope this helps to get information regarding How to Dress in India. You can check out our other Articles based on Travelling Tips in India like – Things you must know before visiting India, Tips for Women’s Travelling in India, and the best one Festivals in India a foreigner must experience.

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