Climate in India : Info on Climate Every Tourist Should Know

Climate in India

Indian climate is diverse like the Indian religion, food and culture. It is diverse as well as pivotal. India is a large country with mountain range of Himalayas so if you visit Himalayas the climatic condition will be different. Also the coast line of India along the Arabian and Indian ocean is very large, here you can witness hot and humid climate of coastal reason. The Thar Deserts in Rajasthan offer Hot and Dry Weather. In short you can experience every type of climate in India depending on place you are visiting and time of your visit.

Here in India you can experience the melting heat as well as freezing snow. Furthermore, if you love rain there are places that will fulfill the desire and we can bet you hadn’t seen this kind of rain anywhere else. Due to this diversity in the climate, India is in the top of your wish list. So today we have brought you the climate and the respective region where you can relish them.

Climate in India: Hot And Dry


Whenever you hear the word hot and dry, you will have a negative vibe in your mind. But here the hot and dry places eventually make you excited to browse through them. You can find this kind of climate in the Rajasthan and some areas of Madhya Pradesh. The beauty about this place is that here you can experience the life of a desert. As the largest desert of India (Thar Desert) lies in the region. Although no one likes to experience the life in a desert but a couple of days at Jaisalmer Rajasthan will please you for sure. Here you can get accustomed to their lifestyle and rituals.

Besides Rajasthan there are many super hot places in India like Nagpur with 480 C, Jhansi with 460 C and many more. Just chose place that you want to drop to.

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Climate in India: Warm And Humid Climate


If you visit to any coastal region of India you will find this kind of climate the before monsoon or after monsoon you can feel the humidity any time. Although this climate is not much of a choice as no one likes to keep the handkerchief and keep on wiping the sweat out of his face. However due to being the coastal area you can enjoy the beach and many other artistic values there. Like the elephant caves in Mumbai and the beaches of Goa.

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Climate in India: Cold And Sunny

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Probably the best climate require for any trip. Leh, Ladakh is known as the mountain desert, you can witness two type weathers within a day. The days are sunny and the nights are cold. There are lakes and mountains that make it an ideal place for a bike trip.

Climate in India: Cold And Cloudy


It is also one of the most desirable climate here the summer is for comparatively shorter periods. And the winter season is for a longer duration. Apart from the clouds these regions are covered by mist. Darjeeling, Dehradun, Ooty and Manali are the best places to witness this type of climate. Here you can have the natural beauty at its best as the places have dense forests and valleys.

Climate in India: Composite Climate


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India houses so many cities and states that have this type of climate. In this climate days of winter are too cold. And a parching heat can be experienced in the summer. Delhi and Some part of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have this type of climate. For tourists purpose these places houses the best of the architectural beauty like Taj Mahal, Red Fort and Akshardham temple. If you have plans to stay for a longer period you can experience all types Indian climates in Delhi except the snow fall.

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Climate in India: Moderate Climate


Bangalore, Capital City of Karnataka of India has moderate climate the temperature remains even for most of the year. Here you can have some adventurous sports here. The moderate temperature makes it one of the best tourist places in India.

Climate in India: Snowy


Apart from it Indian has a number of places where you can enjoy snow fall. I know some of may think what kind of enjoyment is there in a snowfall. However for the people living in hot places it is a desire. Here you can have skiing like adventure and the romantic scenery will call you again.

Without a doubt you can find all kinds of climates in India. On top of that you can have the experience at a low price. Going through the words, we can see that each time we flips a page about India, we know why it is called incredible India.



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