Rishikesh Weather & Temperature

Rishikesh Weather & Temperature

Weather and Temperature is a very important aspect we must plan for any trip. As compared to Delhi, Rishikesh has a pleasant climate throughout the year. But I would not recommend any one to go to Rishikesh in Monsoons or in Summer of May and June.

No Doubt, In Rishikesh you can enjoys the scenic beauty of the mountains surrounding it in any season. Rishikesh lies between the majestic hills of Tehri Garhwal which are renowned for their beauty. Due to its amicable weather, Rishikesh attracts tourists across the world. People come here with different beliefs and fell in love head over heels with its surreal environment.

As March commences, the winters shed, and the trees flaunt the new leaves providing Rishikesh with the most soothing weather. The climate in Rishikesh is a perfect blend of various seasons. Each season brings with it varying emotions, and they can be relished with joy.

Weather & Temperature of Rishikesh in Winters

Winter starts in Rishikesh from Mid November and continues till January. The extreme weather conditions exist from around 15th Dec to 15th Jan. You should avoid visiting Rishikesh if you can not cope up with the temperature.

The winters are chilly with night temperature as low as 4 0C. The daytime climate can go up to 20 0 C. However, the cyan evenings are worth enjoying. If you are visiting during this time, get ready with your woollens to rejoice the city in comfort.

If you want to enjoy snowfall then you can opt for day trips from Rishikesh.

Weather & Temperature of Rishikesh in Summers

The month of June is the hottest with a maximum temperature of around 42 degree C and the minimum temperature falls around 27 degree C.

The summers of Rishikesh are sultry, and it is not advisable to wander in the city during daytime. As the sun goes down, the markets shine with umpteen colors of joy.  One can have a purifying bath in the Ganges and attend the evening aarti which is scheduled at 7:30 pm in summers.

If you want to spend you summer vacation holidays in Rishikesh then you should spend morning and evening for the purpose. Stay in doors from 11 am to 4 pm.

Weather & Temperature of Rishikesh in Monsoon

It is strongly suggested NOT to visit Rishikesh or any other hill station during Monsoon. It rains heavily in Rishikesh and nearby areas. The amount of water in River Ganga becomes very huge and sometimes unmanageable.

The monsoons start in mid-July and can go up to September. The arrival of monsoon marks the cease of Tourism in Rishikesh.

Weather & Temperature of Rishikesh in Springs

The spring season starts in mid-February and lasts up to April. This is one of the best times to visit Rishikesh. . The April days are a bit hotter when temperature surges up to 35 degree C. The mornings and evening are cooler. This season is characterized by occasional rainfall, thus maintaining the climatic conditions. It is a good time to visit Rishikesh.

Weather & Temperature of Rishikesh in Autumn

The autumn is another mellifluous time to get attracted to the magnetism of the yoga capital of the world. The months of October and November mark the autumn season of the city. The maximum temperature is around 30 degree C during this period. The average temperature is favorable for adventure sports and visiting purposes.

Weather & Temperature of Rishikesh: Best time to Visit Rishikesh

The months of October, November, February and March are the most suitable months to have a visit to Rishikesh. The climate is moderate with an average temperature around 250 C. The calm winds make it joyful to roam around. The maximum temperature is 30 0 C. If you want to have the best out of your time, these months will set the mood, and you can experience the essence of the holy city.

Hope that this will help you plan your trip to Rishikesh. Let us know how was your experience by commenting.

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