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Best Food in Jaipur 2

Hi Foodies, today we are back with another listicle on our Travelling in Jaipur Series. Here we will talk about the Best Food You Must Try in Jaipur. These food items will be really great if you want to taste the Famous Food of Jaipur. If you are in Jaipur or have planned to visit Jaipur, you must be prepared to have some Delicious Food. You can taste some of the Best Street Food of India here. We will talk about the Traditional Food of Jaipur and Staple food of Jaipur. These food items will not pay a great load on your wallets as most of the famous food items are cheap in Jaipur.

Jaipur is an amazing city. The Pink City offers variety of choices for food. Jaipur has got it own unique flavor. You will get everything you desire for and lots of local food which you much have never heard about. Let us look at some very interesting places where you can enjoy your food, while in this amazing city of Jaipur.

Famous Food of Jaipur

Cold Coffee and Patties 

Famous Food of Jaipur

You can find cold coffee & patties any where. But the One available at GVD are different. GVD,  Malviya Nagar is one of the most famous places in the city. Youngster enjoy their time here over a coffee. The prices are also pocket friendly and that makes it a preferred choice with one and all.

GVD or Gyan Vihar dairy or soni’s cafe is located at a shopping centre, Malviya Nagar, near World Trade Park. GVD is popular for patties, cold coffee, and a chocolate shake. You must try this place if you are a coffee lover. There is nothing better this is one of the best in the city.


Best Food in Jaipur 2

Ghewar is a traditional sweet of Rajasthan. It tastes excellently well or you can say out of the world!!!! This sweet which is very popular in Jaipur. This you will not get same taste anywhere else in India. It is a very tasty sweet and once you eat it be sure you will fall into love with it. It is made up of only pure milk and ghee.

The price of this sweet is not very high and that makes it a good choice for people and tourist.

Paneer Tikkas

Paneer Tikka Best Food in Jaipur

 Panner Tikka can be found anywhere in India but in Jaipur it tastes quite different. Radhey Shyam Bhatia Paneer Waley is a small shop located at the central Raja Park gives you some unique tastes. They are known for their variety of paneer tikkas. All vegetarian! Prices are very friendly, and the food is the best for quick grabs.  If you love street food, this is one of the best.

Vada Pao

Best Food items in Jaipur

The vada Pao’s are so sumptuous and just Rs. 40. What more can you ask from life? Can be found in Chaisa.

Handi is an excellent place to indulge in some lip-smacking delicacies like Handi meat, tandoori chicken, seekh kebab and paneer butter masala. If you are a non veg lover then this is for you.

Falahaar at Saraogi Mansion

Best Food in Jaipur 3

Falahaar is now having various branches in Jaipur. It is primarily famous for its Dahi vada, sabudane ki khichdi, and lassi. You must also try srikhand and fruit cream here. You should try tasty Dahi Vada here.

Jal Mahal Ice cream parlor

Tasty Ice Cream in Jaipur

As the name suggests, it’s an ice cream parlour serving one of the best mouth-watering ice-creams in Jaipur. It is located at MI Road, just opposite to Lassi Wala(another famous spot serving best lassi in Jaipur)

Gulabji Chai Wala Opposite Saraogi Mansion

Best Tea Stall in Jaipur

Gulab Ji Chaiwala is attractive for the best masala tea in Jaipur, this place is always crowded and is easy to spot. If you are a tea fan, you must try this and it is really good..

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