Weather And Temperature In Gangtok

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Weather and temperature must be an Important consideration when you visit Gangtok. As Gangtok lies in the eastern Himalayan Range at an altitude of 5,410 feet. It is surrounded by lofty mountains and has dense forest area. The city has subtropical highland climate that remains pleasant most of the year. Similar to any other city on the Himalayan Range, Gangtok has five different seasons, which are: Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

Weather & Temperature of Gangtok in Summer:

During the month of May and June, Gangtok has its summer season. The highest temperature goes up to 28.5 °C  and lowest goes to13.4 °C at night. Normally, the mercury levels hover around 22 °C. Rainfall is infrequent during summers. There is no fog and climate is pleasant and clear. This is one of the best times to visit Gangtok.

Gangtok Weather in Summer

Weather & Temperature of Gangtok in Monsoon:

Soon after summer i.e. from July to September, Gangtok witnesses heavy showers. The temperature lies between 15 °C and 24 °C, with average temperature of 18 °C  during this period. The area is prone to landslides and heavy fog covers most of the roads. The average rainfall during these three months is about 65 inches. There is no snowfall during monsoon. Tourists should avoid travelling to Gangtok during this time.

Gangtok Weather in summer

Weather & Temperature of Gangtok in Autumn:

During October and November, it is autumn in Gangtok. The weather is very pleasant with sunny and clear skies. As it is soon after the monsoon, it is green all around, which makes the sights striking. The temperature lies between 19 °C to 10 °C, with average temperature being 14 °C . During October, you may see some light showers. However, in November rains is rare and mercury also dips a bit. Snowfall is very rare in Gangtok. It is a good time to visit Gangtok.

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Weather & Temperature of Gangtok in Winter:

From December to February, Gangtok experiences very low temperatures ranging between 13 °C  to 3°C, with average mercury level of 5°C . Particularly, evening and mornings are chilled. However, there is no snowfall in Gangtok city per se. The nearby tourist spots which are at higher altitude, like Nathula Pass and Changu Lake get heavy snowfall. The roads to these points may get blocked. During January, the temperature may fall below zero as well and the roads are covered with white fog. There is hardly any rainfall during this time.

Gangtok in winters

Weather & Temperature of Gangtok in Spring:

The best time to visit Gangtok is in spring, i.e. March and April. The weather is still cool but not chilled. The mountains are covered with snow and the sky is clear. There is not much chances of rainfall or snowfall. The mercury hovers between 19 °C and 10 °C, with average temperature of 14°C . The sun feels warm and air fresh. Occasional showers can be there, but they are not so frequent.

Gangtok in Spring Temperature

Due to its location and surroundings, Gangtok can be visited almost throughout the year but during monsoons. For the rest of the time, it has serene and welcoming weather.