Unique Gifts You Should Buy From Gangtok

Unique things to buy in gangtok gift

Who doesn’t likes gifts or surprises? So, while you are in Gangtok relishing the mountain life with beautiful landscapes and yummiest of the food, why not buy some gifts for friends and family back home.

Are you confused with what to buy? So, it’s time to stop worrying and start shopping. As, we have found all the best things to buy from Gangtok and put out here just for you!!

Gangtok offers unique handcrafted souvenirs at pocket friendly rates. The main markets to look for are M.G. Road (closed on Tuesdays), Lal Bazar (closed on Thursdays and has special Haat on every Sunday), The Directorate of Handicrafts and Hand-looms and United Progressive Organisation of Sikkim. You should hunt for the below pieces in these markets:

Unique Gifts to Buy from Gangtok

  1. Prayer Flags: These are colorful flags with Buddhist prayers written on it. They can be put in your drawing room or car or any other corner and make the place blissful. You can easily find them on M.G. Road.

gifts from gangtok prayer flags

  1. Sikkimese Tea Set: These are porcelain cups and teapots with unique designs and colours. They will surely enhance the beauty of your coffee table. The vendors pack them nicely so that you can carry them in your baggage easily. They are readily available on M.G. Road and Lal Bazaar. Try your bargain skills to get the best deals.

Gift from Gangtok Sikkim Cups

  1. Choktse and Other Wooden Articles: Beautifully carved folding table and other articles made of wood are available in Gangtok. They are then painted with bright colours. You will get quality stuff at The Directorate of Handicrafts and Handlooms. Every one Will love these  handmade items.

Unique things to buy in gangtok gift


  1. Figures of Lord Buddha: When you visit the valley of Lord Buddha, then taking back Lord Buddha’s statue for good vibes or his books for noble thoughts is an agreeable idea. Buy them from any monasteries or M.G. Road.

Gifts to Buy from Gangtok

  1. Bamboo Products: Bamboo is abundant here and so are its various products. Buy these as gifts for the family, which will give them a high hill feeling.

gangtok things to buy or gift

  1. Temi Tea: From the gardens of Temi, comes these fresh green leaves, which any tea lover will like. It is a speciality of Gangtok that you will not find anywhere else. It is available only at the shop of the Temi Tea Garden.
  1. Khurki: A Nepali knife, which you can find at Lal Bazaar is a unique item for your showcase. But please keep it away from children.

The gifts mentioned above starts from Rs. 50 approximately. With some bargaining skills at work and some enthusiastic shopping, you will surely buy more than you ever thought!!