MG Road / Marg in Gangtok : A Beautiful Street

MG Road/Marg Gangtok

Almost every city in India has an MG Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road / Marg). But the one in Gangtok is special for more than one reason. If you are in Gangtok then it is a place not be missed. It is strongly suggested to book a hotel in and around MG road as it is pick and drop destination in Gangtok.

M G Road in Gangtok is at the heart of the city and the busiest commercial place.

MG Road Overview

You will get good food, shopping stores and lots of good air around. As soon as you reach the road, you will see a big board saying, Do Not Spit or Litter. MG Road, Gangtok is Litter Free, Smoke Free and Vehicle Free. There is no public display that bans smoking here, but it is a general practice followed and you will be warned by locals if found smoking.MG Marg Gangtok

On MG Marg vehicles are not allowed.This has made this street beautiful with fresh air and no unnecessary noise pollution. There are plenty of benches to relax and revel the soul of the city. You will have a feel of exotic foreign location due to the cleanliness and cool atmosphere around.

There are shops on both sides of the road. You can choose to buy from range of things like woolen clothes, Tibetan carpet, tea, wall hangings and variety of handicraft. Though not much bargain is done on M.G.Road, but you can still try your luck. The market remains open till 7:30 pm in the evening. However, Lal Bazar market is much cheaper as compared to M.G Road. The store-owners are very helpful and good natured.


MG Road Food Joints:

MG Road / Marg has lots of old and new eating joints, which any foodie will not like to miss. Besides famous eateries like Roll House, Baker’s café, Parivar, Golden Dragon (previously called Gangtalk) and Pub 25, you will also get local food along the street which is equally delectable. The restaurants are usually open till 10 pm. Also, a must try is local wine which is quite rich in flavour. The prices of other liquor is also low as compared to other places but you cannot take it outside the state.

Every year in December, the Sikkim Tourism department organises Food and Cultural festival on M.G. Road. This starts with a carnival and has varies shops set up in folkloric style. There is music, dance and food everywhere and you can get yourself soaked in this majestic fair.

Cultural festival mg road gangtok

So, MG Road is a must visit place in your Gangtok itinerary with good food and souvenirs for everyone. 

In fact, it would be best if you book your hotel in MG road or near by place.

Spend your leisure evening here on MG road and enjoy this flavor Indian culture.