Food you must try in Gangtok Trip to make it Memorable

Chhurpi Food in Gangtok

Every state and culture has its own food patterns and cuisine. Now, if you have a state where you have people from different communities like  Gorkha’s, Lepcha’s, Tibetan, Sherpa’s and Bengali’s, then just fancy the food you will have in your platter. Let us take you to a food journey, where we will tell you what all you must not miss to eat in Gangtok, to make the trip complete. Famous Restaurants and Eating joints in Gangtok.

Food you must try in Gangtok

  1. Momo’s (Veg and Non Veg): These are dumplings with veg and non-veg fillings. Served with hot chilli garlic sauce, they taste best when piping hot. You can have them either steamed or fried. And as this is the most popular snack of the region, you will get them almost everywhere.

Best restaurants in gangtok

  1. Nepali Meal(Veg):  The influence of neighboring nation can be seen on food as well. There are few restaurants that serve Nepali Thali, comprising of rice, lentils, vegetables and other accompaniments. The spices and flavors are very different from North Indian food, so just give it a try.

Nepali Meal Thali in Gangtok

  1. Shaphaley(Non-veg): It is a stuffed bread with fillings of meat and vegetables. In Gangtok, people often eat yak and pork meat. Non-veg lovers must try it.  The veg option is also available. This is one of the most authentic Tibetan dishes served in Gangtok.

Shapale Food of Gangtok

Food you must try in Gangtok

  1. Sael Roti (Veg): A ring shaped bread made of rice flour is a festive dish. It is mostly made at homes on some occasions or festivals. It is not easily available at eateries, but if you make some good friends in town you might get to try some.

Sael Roti Food in gangtok

  1. Chhurpi(Veg): You can call it Nepali cheese. It is made from fermented yak or cow milk and is easily available in Gangtok.Chhurpi Food in Gangtok
  1. Soups (Veg & Non-Veg): Due to cold weather, people make hearty soups here. Some popular soups are Thukpa, Gundruk and Thenthuk which are available in both veg and non-veg.
  1. Chang (Alcohol): Chang is local alcohol made of barley or rice in bamboo barrels. II is a milky textured beverage. and you should try it if you are fond of alcohol.
  1. Pickles: You will find some interesting pickles made of cherry chilli and bamboo shoots. You can take them home, if you like.

Are you already hungry, thinking about the yummy food? Do keep this list handy when you reach Gangtok, so that you don’t regret later.