Gangtok Trip: Clothes and Accessories You Should Carry

Gangtok Clothes to Wear Shopping

Packing is important specially if you are visiting a hill station like Gangtok. Weather in Gangtok might be different from what you expect. Is your trip to Gangtok just around, and you are still unsure what all to keep? Worry no more!! We bring you a comprehensive list of clothes and other knick-knacks that you must have to make the trip hassle free.

Clothes  You Should Carry to Gangtok

  1. Apparels: Of course, we know that you will carry your clothing. But just don’t dump everything in your bag. To be precise, you should have one attire for each day and three as extras. You must have one inner wear as well for each day. If going in winter season, that is, between October and February, keep woollens and jackets too. It is always better to layer yourself instead of wearing just one heavy winter wear, so do carry thermal as well. During summer season, only one light jacket should be sufficient. Irrespective of the season, do carry a mackintosh.

For ladies, as you will have to walk or trek a bit at most of the places, carry comfortable clothing.

If you visit Gangtok in monsoon keep umbrella as well.

Also Gangtok is a ultra modern place with good sense of clothing. So don’t hesitate to pack your jeans, skirt, mini skirt or hot pants. You can wear anything without being odd if weather allows.

Notice the people in the background, no one is staring at those girls.

Gangtok clothes for summers

  1. Footwear: As the terrain is bit rough, wearing sports shoes is most comfortable. You can carry another pair of shoes or sandals, for partying. Don’t forget your bathroom slippers. When going to any snowy point, you can hire boots on rent locally. Thus, no need to carry boots, as it will take too much of your space. As the place sees showers very often, the clothes take time to dry. So, carry one pair of socks for each day.

Other Important Things  You Should Carry to Gangtok

  1. Toiletries: The basics include toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, face wash, shampoo, shaver, deodorant, oil, moisturizer, conditioner and condoms. For females, other articles to be checked are cosmetic, rubber bands, sanitary pads and wet tissues. If you have any other specifics which are part of your daily routine, please keep them. Also carry a spare bag for wet clothes that you might have.
  1. Medicines: Gangtok is a small place with approximate population of 150,332. Considering the number of people living, the medical services are mostly basic. Thus, if you are on a certain specific medication, do carry the same along with prescription. In case, suffering from asthma or other breathing illness, keep the pump and medicines handy. As the shops close early, it is advisable to carry basic medicines like for fever, nausea, motion sickness, cold etc.
  1. Gadgets: Gangtok is so beautiful that you will wish to capture every sight. So, carry a good camera and a selfie stick if you have only mobile phone camera. Do keep a power bank fully charged. If you have kids along, then keep their tabs as well. Other things include but are not limited to headphones, books and some good songs in your playlist.

We hope you have checked all items now and are fully geared for your trip to Gangtok. Do let us know if we missed something important and enjoy your trip!!


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