10 Tips for Women Travelling in India – Safety Guide for Women’s

Hello, brave women travellers. India is a gorgeous place to visit, with a rich history and well-diversified culture. Is India Safe for Women Travellers? – One word answer is YES, It Is. But you must follow these basic travelling tips in here ladies. Without wasting a lot of time, let’s start. Here are the Top Tips for Women Travelling in India

  1. Wear Accordingly – Cover Body

    Indians are not very well customed to revealing clothes yet. If you don’t want to get weird staring while walking down the streets, avoid wearing shorts. You can wear jeans if you want to. Any dress, that covers up your body to 70-80% would work fine.
    Tips for Women Travelling in India

  2. Drink A lot of Water

    First of all, it will keep you hydrated. Second, your digestive system will work fine. One more suggestion, don’t try to drink water from taps on roads. Buy mineral water or fill water bottles from the hotel at which you’re residing.

  3. Apply Sunscreen

    The power of the sun is quite strong over here. If you haven’t brought your sunscreen, don’t worry. Buy some sun cream from the local chemist – generally, they work fine. Also, use moisturizer on the face at night.

  4. Eat Lots of fruits

    It will give you all the required nutrients for your body to function well. Fruits are (of course) much better than junk food. Your metabolism will stay fit if you take fruits in ample amount.

  5. Don’t eat Spicy Food too much

    Indian food is delicious and awesome. But stay careful while enjoying them. As you may not (high possibility) be used to of eating too much spicy food, it’s better you don’t eat them too much.  Chowmein, Aloo Tikki and Chaat are the top foods in Women Travellers in India but eat them in very less amount.
    Tips for Women Travelling in India

  6. Take Women’s Reserved Coach in Metro

    If you’re in the Capital, Metro is the safest way to travel. Take the first coach of Metro, in the moving direction. It is reserved for women’s. At least you won’t see any creep here.

  7. Tips for Women Travellers – Beware of Thugs

    A lot of populations, A lot of unemployed. Beware of Thugs, it is one of the most Important Tips for Women Travelling in India. These thug categories include – Pickpocketers, shopkeepers who will try to sell you overpriced products and the local guys in the market selling their services like – photography, astrology etc.

  8. In Public Transport – Sit in front rows

    When you take a Bus, Sit in the front rows. Front rows are safer than the back rows. Sometimes at night, I see a lot of drunkards sitting in the back of the bus. Also, conductor and bus driver will have an eye on you – that no other passenger misbehaves with you.
    Safety Guide for women travellers in India

  9. Travel with a Local Friend, if possible

    If you have a Local Friend or anyone here whom you can trust, take them with you for travelling. Not only they will keep you safe but also, show you some beautiful locations of the local place. In Addition to that, they will bargain for you.

  10. Don’t trust strangers, just don’t

    The guys you meet in Railway station of your Taxi Driver or the Local Shopkeeper – Don’t trust them. You never know which one might show up as a bad guy. Always be careful, cross check, use GPS, instead of taking help from 1 people – ask from 4, 5 people.
    Tips for Women Travelling in IndiaStay Safe and have lots of Fun in India, Namestey.

So, this is it, ladies. Follow these Tips for Women Travelling in India and you will be 50X safer than without following these tips. Check out our other helpful articles for Tourists in India – Best Heritage Resorts near NCR, Top Tourist Destinations in Delhi and Best Pilgrimage Tourist spot.

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