6 Things You Must Know Before Visiting India

India is a great country to travel and experience. It’s totally different from the rest part of the world. India has a rich history and diversified culture. Just like anything else, it also has a downside too. There are some negative facts about India that every traveller should know Before landing in this beautiful and big country there are several things you must know about India. Here’s the list of Top Things You Must Know Before Visiting India.

  1. Vibrant Weather

    You can not say India is a Hot place because it might be hot as a 44-degree temperature in one part of the country while body-freezing cold at another part. So if you’re visiting India for a couple of weeks and want to travel a lot of cities, be prepared to see different weathers in different cities.
    Things You Must Know Before Visiting India

  2. Different Culture

    Things You Must Know Before Visiting India
    India is not like other western countries, on the contrary India is not a typical 3rd world country too. You will see the big shopping malls and premium complex, You will also see a lot of slums and beggars on roads. You will see people pissing on open roads. Yes in a country where hugging or kissing someone in public is looked as criminal activity.

  3. Things You Must Know Before Visiting India: A lot of Thugs

    I love my country as much as one can do. But I never hesitate to accept the truth that this country is full of people who try to take advantage of other’s condition. You are going to meet a lot of thugs in forms of beggars, LGBT community, Auto Drivers, Pick Pocketers.


  4. Stay Hydrated All The Time

    In cities like Delhi, Chennai etc, It’s too hot. You have to take ample amount of water. If you don’t keep your body hydrated here, you might end up with health problems during your trip. One more thing you must know You don’t have to drink street taps water. As it is full of dirt most of the times.

  5. Pack fewer bags

    India’s public transport services really suck except when you travel in Indian Railways premium class tickets (even then you have to carry your luggage in crowdy Indian railway stations, which is really hard trust me). You will travel in Trains, Bus and cabs probably so it’s better to keep fewer bags so you don’t face problems while travelling. It’s also better for security reasons as it is easier to keep an eye on 2 bags than on 4-5 bags at once.

  6. Traffic Jams

    Things You Must Know Before Visiting India
    Traffic jams and stupid honkings on Indian roads are very normal. So before you come down here, you must know that traffic jams are the real thing in India. Sometimes you will travel a distance of 30 minutes in 1 and half hour, so stay prepared. Honkings are really annoying for foreigners in India.

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