Safdarjung’s Tomb The Last Flicker Of Mughal Lamp

Safdarjung’s Tomb

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If you have a desire to make a trip to Delhi and, want to include a place with beautiful architecture and a piece of history, undoubtedly, one of the best places that you can add to your list is the Safdarjung’s Tomb.

Built in 1754 with white and red sandstone combination the place is a peaceful as well as pleasing spot. Due to the historical factors and the magnificent work of art, the tomb attracts thousands of tourists.

Away from the cacophonic horn blows of traffic in Delhi the place gives you peaceful environment in its gardens neighbored by pools. The beautifully carved tomb is an example of Mughal architecture. Also it is the last flicker of Mughal era in Delhi.

Safdarjung’s Tomb: A Symbol Of Love And Attitude

Safdarjung’s Tomb From Front

Built in 1754 the tomb belonged to Safdarjung who used to be the wazir of mughal emperor Ahmad shah. Safdarjung’s real name was Mirza Muqin Abul Masur Khan.

The rule of the mughal emperor was decreasing in 1754 as the empire left only in north India after that.

Resembling the taj mahal technically the safdarjung’s tomb is the more of a symbol of love. Unlike taj mahal it is not the love between the spouses but the love between the father and son. The reason it is depicts more love than taj mahal is that Taj Mahal was built during the supreme era of Shah Jahan while this tomb was built during the time when the Mughal Empire was poverty stricken. More Details @Wikipedia

Safdarjung’s Tomb : A Beautiful Work Of Art

Safdarjung’s Tomb  Delhi side View

The mughal architectural journey started from the tomb of Humayun’s tomb is said to to end here at safdarjang’s tomb.

Built in the structure of three domed shape a mosque is right besides the entrance gate. A huge part of the mosque is covered by plaster and rest of the part is covered by marble.

Words are inscribed in Arabic. Bounded by high walls the tomb houses many rooms and libraries.

Safdarjung’s Tomb: Pleasant Interiors

Safdarjung’s Tomb interiors

Each room leads you to a new source of information. Speaking of information the libraries are built for this purpose. If you have any interest in getting closer to the mughal culture and history here’s your chance. Apart from it the tomb contains an underground room that houses the graves of Safdarjang and his wife.

Large square shape gardens are neighboring the tomb. And also the large water pools. The path through the pools leads us to the water tank and the other path takes us to the 3 pavillions.

Safdarjung’s Tomb: Peaceful Gardens

Safdarjung’s Tomb Garden

The beauty of the tomb captures our interest right from the first view. The colorful as well as beautiful gate that leads you straight to the tomb and besides the tomb there are calm and green parks.

The gardens are the best offerings for those, who are seeking a place away from the crowd. Furthermore the gardens fascinate the child as there is plenty of space for playing. All in all, the refreshing breeze will not let them to be tired soon.

Safdarjung’s Tomb: Delicious Food Outside


No doubt the hunger follows the enjoyment every time and food items and beverages are prohibited in inside the gate. But do not worry, as just outside the gate there is a canteen that serves delicious food.

Plan Your Trip Now: Location & more…


Safdarjung tomb is easily accessible as it is located near the safdarjung airport, you can visit the tomb any way. If you are planning to visit in metro, you just need to know that the nearest metro station is Jor Bagh. Besides that you can use bus or your private vehicle the place is located on the intersection of Safdarjang road and Aurobindo marg.

Everyday Sunrise To Sunset: Timings


The gate is open for you, everyday from 7am to 5pm. The place charges entry fees of 15rs per adult for Indians or the residence of SAARC and BIMSTEC. And for children below than 15 years there is no fee.

Add New Photos To Your Album


The safdarjung’s Tomb is a place away from the rush of the city that gives you a place to relax. And if you are planning to click some pictures by sitting besides the last flicker of Mughal lamp just swing by the place and do not forget the camera.

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