Qutub Minar Features, Facts, Information & Details

Qutub Minar Delhi Fact Features Information & Details

Qutub Minar is one of the most Popular Tourist Destinations in Delhi. Here we have collected some of the Features, Facts, Information & Details about Qutub Minar.

The Feature of Qutub Minar.

The Qutub Minar has the total height of 73 m which almost equals to any 5-6 story modern building. This is one of the highest height by any minaret in the whole world. The base of Qutub Minar has the diameter of 15 m and surprisingly the top has mere 2.5 m. The first three stories of this ancient minaret were built by Qutub -Ud-Din during 1192 and are made of red sandstone. The 4th and 5tt stories were made by his son in law Iltutmish which is made of pure marble and sandstone.

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Facts about the Qutub Minar

Ask any local people and they will tell you that if you’re in Delhi visiting Qutub Minar is a must. There are some pretty evident reasons why this simple brick minaret is being visited by million of tourist every year.

Some of the amazing jaw-dropping facts about it are.

  • The tower is a symbol of first Muslim Emperor in the North India.
  • The Qutub Minar has been damaged by the lightning twice during the year of 1326 and 1368.
  • The Iron Pillar in the Qutub Minar was made during Gupta Empire.
  • It has not rusted since past 2000 years.
  • In the area of Qutub Minar, there is a regular lighting show at the evening from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm every day.
  • There are 379 steps inside the minaret to reach the top.
  • There are almost half a dozen minor structures in the complex of Qutub Minar.

Information on Qutub Minar

Information Qutub Minar

Since its construction the Qutub Minar has faced some of the most major natural calamities which has damaged it drastically. One of such disaster happened when it got stuck by the lighting in the year of 1326 and 1368 during which top tower of the Qutub Minar almost got broken.

The 5th storey which was made by the Emperor Firoz Shah had a beautiful cupola which became the main attraction of the Qutub Minar but during the earthquake of 1803 it fell down. In the year of 1829 Major Robert Smit added a new one to it but it was removed in 1848 and now it stands gracefully in the garden in the premises.

Till 1981 the staircase inside the Qutub  Minar was accessible by the tourist but after the stampede of 4th December 1981 in which 45 people lost their life. Out of this most of the people were children only. After this lethal incident it was banned to go on the top of the Qutub  Minar

Qutub Minar Details 

Qutub minar details

Inside the premises of the Qutub Minar you will find lots of ruins and remains of the different small minars and other structure made during or before that era. One of such structure which also attract as well as baffles them is the Iron Pilar. It is a huge pillar of pure iron and the most amazing thing about it is that it hasn’t got rusted since more than 2000 years.

Unlike the Qutub Minar it wasn’t built by the Muslim Emperors. But it was built during the time of the Gupta Empire which was much more before them.

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