Lotus Temple History, Timings, Entry Fee, Closing Day & Location

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Lotus Temple in one of the most popular Tourist Destinations in Delhi. It is visited by almost 10,000 people daily & a visit to delhi is incomplete without Lotus Temple. Here in this post we will Discuss about History of Lotus Temple, Timings including Opening time, Closing Time & Day Closed with Entry Fee.

Lotus Temple: Timings , Location & Entry Fee


The timing is 9 am to 7 pm in Summers with last entry at 6:30. winter timings from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm last entry at 5:00 pm. 

Lotus temple remains closed on Monday.

You can reach lotus temple easily by metro as “Kalkaji Metro Station” is your stop on violet line. From there, take auto or rickshaw or if the weather permits, you can take a little walk of 500 meter.

Bus user will have a slight advantage over metro users. Also you can visit Lotus temple in your private vehicle. the parking area is gigantic with low rush. The well trimmed hedges start from the entrance and take you to the queues. The queues do not seem to bother, as soon you reach. Near the ponds a positive energy starts taking over and make the unbearable stress vanish.

The no entry Fee.

Lotus Temple 
Opening Time (Summers)
9:00 am
Closing Time(Summers)7:00 pm
Last Entry
(Summers )
6:30 pm
Opening Time
9:00 am
Closing Time (Winters)5:30 pm
Last Entry
5:00 pm
PhotographyAllowed (Except Central Hall)
Nearest Metro StationKalkaji Metro Station
(Violet Line)
Day ClosedMonday

Lotus Temple Delhi: A symbol of unity and integrity

Lotus Temple Delhi History & Architecture

Have you ever wondered about visiting the Lotus Temple, best monument of Delhi. It have the glimpse of artistic value as well as the subject of equality and worship. If yes then I can bet no other name would have stuck your thoughtful mind than the adroitly carved, alluring Lotus temple.

The superlative impartiality and ideal charm of the Lotus Temple makes it a prime sight for art and peace seeking tourists.

Philosophy & History of Lotus Temple


Lotus temple or Bahai house of worship is a religious temple, unlike other religious temples this temple believe in the non-partisan momentousness of all the religion.

The temple neither adulates nor worships any god. Rules here do not belong to any sacred religion. Peaceful integrity and indubitably firm believe are the messages delivered by the temple.

Lotus Temple Architecture

Architecture of Lotus temple Delhi

The name says it all, lotus flower shape, beautifully carved with pleasing white marble and neighbored by small and beautiful ponds make it the seductress of Delhi.

The 27 marble petals are designed to make 9 gates, symbolizing the 9 major religions and displaying the perfectly shaped, beautiful Lotus Temple. Nine small ponds are surrounding the temple one on each gate and the bantam scale pond are encircled by a gigantic garden to provide extremely pleasing scenery for the tourists.

Lotus temple makes use of  solar energy. Due to the indescribable beauty of monument, the temple was able to hold a number of awards including architectural awards. No matter how much you hate the geometry in math here the Guinness record holder geometry would surely trap your attention.

The enormous area of over 25 acres confines the peaceful temple away from the chaos and rush of the city. Although the temple is no stranger to rush as more than 10,000 visitors beholds the temple daily. Despite the number being too much still the respectable is adroit in effortlessly handling them.

Lotus Temple Interiors

Lotus Temple Interiors

A colossal prayer hall is located among the nine gates. The hall contains the seating capacity of 2500 people and it is 43 meter high. Being the symbol of Bahai religion the hall does not accommodate any portrait, scriptures or sculptures.

The Floor is covered by splendid marble for which you have to take your shoes off and the firm and tranquil silence will require you to switch your phone off.

The stillness of the hall makes you forget about all of your unshakable restlessness and make you surrender yourself to the meditation. A spiritual peace you experience in that 15 minute prayer session.

The restful environment of the hall absorbs the pessimistic energy and channels it other way.

Lotus Temple Delhi The Information Center


The information center would definitely seize your consciousness. You can get information on Bahai religion here. Information about other worship places of Bahai religion around the world is also available here.

The information center embraces books, scriptures and a 20 minute informational video film.


The comparatively better air quality, prepossessing surroundings and the quietness with a sweet melody on the background, purifies heart and soul. You can easily spend half and hour inside the hall and submerge into the peace. It takes us away from the religious disparity and gives us a chance to explore ourselves.

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