Lodhi Garden Delhi: History, Nature & Social Gathering


Lodhi Garden is one of the most popular Tourist Destination in Delhi.  Lodhi Garden Delhi is exceptional in many terms. There are so many places in Delhi that gives you the opportunity of social gathering but there are only a few that offer a fresh environment and without requiring any entry fee. And among those few place there is only one place that also offers the glimpse of history to you. It is the Lodhi gardens.

Lodhi Garden: Historical Tombs

Lodhi Garden Delhi

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Lodhi Garden is Spread in 90 acres the gardens contain the historical tombs including the tomb of Muhammad Shah (The Last emperor of saiyyad dynasty and also the first one to have his tomb here), Sikandar Lodi and many more.

Due to the pleasant environment and the spiritual peace it provides the place attracts thousands of visitors. Located in the heart of Delhi the gardens are a new definition to beauty as it has become the prime source of attraction for evening and morning walk of the nearby people.

Lodhi Garden Delhi: Not Attractive But Valuable


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The Architecture of the tomb is not that good comparatively. As the tombs are built in 15th century, at that time the least attention was given to the architecture. Hence it is one of the very few architecture of that time so the value is quite higher comparatively.

The Shisha Dome @ Lodhi Garden

Shiksha Dome @ Lodhi Garden Delhi

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In the middle of the gardens is the Bara Gumbad the huge dome that got too much historical values in it. On the other side of it, is the shisha Gumbad (mirror dome). The mirror dome, as the name suggests made from mirrors and it is one of the best artistic values of the place. The mirrors are arranged and designed in a way to make it a pleasing view.

Tomb Of Shah @ Lodhi Garden


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Apart from the domes there is the tomb of Shah and the tomb is visible from the road and captures our attentions from the first sight. Made from sand stones, the octagonal dome is crowned by the Chajjas. Since Chajjas are part of India architectural style the tomb the tomb is considered as the combination of Hindu and Islamic architecture. Furthermore the place was used as an observatory and library to keep the records in the reign on Akbar the great. Hence, the defeat of Ibrahim Lodi is carved on the stones in the gardens.

No Sweet Perfume Had Ever Torture You This Way

Dahlia meadow in Lodhi gardens Delhi

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Apart from the greenery the Lodhi Garden houses lakes and ducks. Well this does not sound this much interesting but for the peace seekers and the nature lovers the place is heaven. There is a large variety of flowers that add to its beauty. Here you can see some of the rarest flowers. Undoubtedly the natural beauty of the pace is alluring and seducing. And the fresh breeze makes it an ideal place for morning and evening walk.

For Picnics And Walks


The best time to visit this place is the morning as the flowers proliferate their sweet perfume in the morning. And, make the aroma melodious. In addition to it, the fresh breeze does not let you get tired easily. Hence, a huge magnitude of people visits the gardens and exercise in the group. If you have any desires of stretching your body their feel free to join any of the groups. They are generally very friendly. Besides this the place also can be used for family picnics and the best time for family picnics is the afternoon of winter.

Food And Lots Of Food


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The gardens will not disappoint the food lovers either. As there are fully air conditioned restaurants that serves delicious food at reasonable price. The best thing you can do there is to have a food eating contest.

No Entry Fee


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Located near the Humayun’s Tomb the gardens are easily accessible though any mode of transportations. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is the nearest metro station. The personal vehicle users will not face any trouble. It is because the lodhi gardens are located on the lodi road besides india international centre. The place free from any entry fee.

A Must Visit


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Housing historical buildings, lakes and gardens the place is a must visit in Delhi. The friendly and pleasing environment is pleasing for heritage lovers as well as social gatherers. Do Let us know your experience by commenting.

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