Jantar Mantar Delhi : Glance of Technical & Scientific Skills

Jantar Mantar Delhi

If you are interested in technical and scientific heritage or you just want to visit a place for a social gathering, the best place you will find in Delhi is the Jantar Mantar.

There are total 5 Jantar Mantar in India including the biggest one in Jaipur. However the Jantar Mantar Delhi is second to no one when it comes to architectural beauty. It houses thirteen architectural astronomy instruments.

Built in 1724 by Sawai Jai Singh the sole purpose of the structure was to predict the movement of the heavenly bodies and to revise the calendar. Hence the structure is designed in such a way that is measures correct time.

Jantar Mantar Delhi : Heavenly Gardens


Apart from the technical structure there are well maintained gardens; people use them for social gathering. So the place will not disappoint the person who is visiting it for social gathering of spending quality and peaceful time.

Beautifully carved by red sand stones, Jantar Mantar houses 3 giant “yantras” (gadgets) Samrat Yantra, Misra Yantra and Jaiprakash Yantra.

Jantar Mantar Delhi : Samrat Yantra

30 Delhi Jantar Mantar Samrat Yantra Equatorial Sundial Quadrant Close Up.jpg

Samrat Yantra is a giant sundial and also the main attraction of the place, it measures the time correctly on every half second basis. The technology will leave you astonished and wondering how can they build it this much perfectly without having the real technology at that time. The technology advancement of those years is surprising for sure and the unusual figures of the buildings make you more and more curious about the place.

Jantar Mantar Delhi : Misra Yantra


Misra Yantra is designed is such a way that it can perfectly predict the longest and shortest day of the year. Yes the technology seems pleasing for sure here.

Jantar Mantar Delhi : Jayaprakash Yantra


Jayaprakash yantra was used to observe the movement of stars which is nowadays known as Astronony. Since astronomy was considering as Jaadu-Tona (magic- Hocus-pocus) so this place is named as jantar mantar.

Jantar Mantar Delhi: A Perfect Place for Family Picnic


Apart from its technology feature Jantar Mantar Delhi, house huge gardens that can be used for family picnics. Neighbored by greenery the place attracts thousands of visitors. The beautifully designed place is one of the Best places in Delhi for photography. Whether it is the huge garden or the strange yet amazing figures you will have an outstanding background back ground for your click. The place will give you so many perfect angle for you selfie and the craziest thing you can do is to climb on one of the structure that allows and add some new photos to your album.

Delicious Food


After observing the architecture you will definitely feel tired then you can enjoy the fresh breeze in the garden. And just look at this beautiful structure. The cool and refreshing breeze will take the tiredness away from you.

No doubt the empty stomach will try to hinder your joy. However you do not need to worry as there are many food stalls inside Jantar Mantar that serve delicious food. Hence Jantar mantar allures you in more than one way.

Winter Is The Best Time to Visit


The best time to visit the place is winter as you do not want to tackle the “Dilli ki garmi” the best time in summer is in the morning and evening. If you are looking for having a small picnic there the best time would be the afternoon of winter.

Easy The Way And Less To Pay


Located closely to Connaught Place in the heart of Delhi Jantar mantar is easy to reach by all sources of transportation. The nearest metro station is Patel Chowk and the the place has its own bus stop. The place charges a little entry fee which is Rs. 5 per head for Indians and Rs. 100 per head for foreigners. Apart from it there is no photography charges so just keep your camera charged and click some pictures.

Learning Opportunity


The wonderfully and technically designed structure provides a great opportunity of learning for children as well as adults. And among the other monuments Jantar Mantar Delhi Stands Tall.

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