India Gate A Must Visit Place In Delhi

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India Gate: A Proud and A Beautiful Place to Be

India Gate

India gate is the symbol of bravery and sterling patriotism. Since, the comrade in arms remain unheeded and unobserved most of the times, India gate is the place that salutes the courage of soldiers. Besides that, it familiarizes the visitors to the sacrifice of the soldiers. Therefore, it is known as “All India War Memorial”.

All India War Memorial


Established in 1921 the war memorial was unveiled in 1931. The 43 meter tall war memorial commemorates the Indian martyrs of World War I in France, Mesopotamia, Africa, Persia and Afghan war. The war memorial keeps the memory alive for the 82,000 perished soldiers in World War I. The 13,300 immolated warriors in Afghan war have their names engraved on the walls of the giant gate. This includes a few soldiers and officers from United Kingdom.

Amar Jawan Jyoti


A simple yet effective structure had been built after the lost of the the soldiers in 1971 Bangladesh war. The structure of an inverted rifle capped by the war helmet and neighbored by four vessels. Adding to it, “The Flame Of The Immortal Soldier” symbolizing the eternal oblation the soldiers. On 26 January the prime minister of the country situates garland on the Amar Jawan Jyoti.

The India Gate: Thing Of Art And Beauty


Admittedly, the India Gate is the proud of India because of the history. On the other hand it has gained a huge popularity due to its architectural beauty. The gate is a stone arch structure and will never fail to impress you in you are looking for visual beauty. On the gigantic gate inscribed “INDIA” on the middle of the top and MCMXIV (1914) and MCMXIX (1919) on the left and right side respectively. Following this further, the Rajpath accompanied by greenery on both sides. The Place seems like an ideal place to spend the entire day without getting bore.

Secular And Social Place


If you like the social gathering, this place is all you need. Since, the people from different cultures crowd the place therefore the place can be considered as mini India.

 Beautiful Night View of India Gate


The pleasantness of the place grows in the evening time or winter season. No doubt, the intolerable summer of Delhi can channel the mood of even the calmest person. Therefore, winter or evening time is considered better for this place. Hence, there would be nothing to bother you, only the heavenly allurement. The beautiful, green gardens and make the place a prime spot for picnic. The children also have great time here as there is plenty of space for playing any game including cricket and football. And the relieving cool breeze proliferate the beauty of India Gate in the night.

India Gate: Plenty To Eat


Assuredly, you will never get tired of the place but it will definitely make you carving for food. The food trucks will come to the rescue, bringing that “fruit chat”, “chuski”, Bhel Puri and ice cream. And a huge variety of fast food, that will make you an admirer.

No Time Limit, No Fee, No Boundary


Owned by no authorization yet tightly secured, the place charges no fee on visitors. The easy to reach quality and no prohibition on photography make it one of the most preferable spots. The place does not have any time boundary as you can visit the place any time you want.

India Gate is Always Within Reach


Located near Rajpath, India gate is never out of your range. Just grab a metro on blue line and deport on Pragati Maidan. From there, the place is 3 km away you can make a choice between bus and rickshaw. If you are trying to find another way to arrive at your destination, No problem, as the bus service is really good in Delhi. You have to deport on Baroda House bus station from there the India gate is only 500 meters away. You will face zero problems if you want to visit the place by your private vehicle as the tourist spot is surrounded by a huge parking area.

A Must Visit Place


Although the mesmerizing infrastructure and the refreshing parks make it a source of pleasure and enjoyment, apart from it, the place refreshes the memories of the perished martyrs. This makes it the proud of India and a must visit place in Delhi.

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