Humayun’s Tomb : An Alluring Beauty And Historical Heritage

Humayun's Tomb

If you are looking for a place in Delhi that can take you to the journey of Mughal architecture and also deliver you peace, you can visit Humayun’s Tomb. And, you regret it as the place is designed to allure each and every sense or yours.

Also known as Muqbara- e – Humayun, the tomb was dedicated to the Mughal emperor Humayun. The instructions of building this tomb was given by Baga Begham, the very first wife of the Mughal emperor.

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Dexterous Art of Humayun’s Tomb Delhi


Working with adroitness the workers completed it in 1570. Built from a combination of red sandstone and marble the place is a magnum opus of beauty. The beautiful place was the inspiration for the structure of Taj Mahal so it may seems like a replica of it but in reality it is vice versa. It is the starting of Mughal Architecture in Delhi and the journey of mughal architecture ended at safdarjung’s tomb. Designed in the Charbagh style architecture the tomb attracts thousands of visitors. To conclude, the place is one of the Top Things To Do in Delhi. The fountain and the neighboring gardens give it a mesmerizing look and a pleasant environment to the visitors.

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History of Humayun's Tomb

Following his death on 1556 humayun’s body was buried in the purana quila. But Haji Begam (Bega Begam) was so much sorrowful about the death of Humayun that she dedicated her life to make it more and more beautiful.

Bega Begam ordered as well paid for Humayun’s Tomb . Sole purpose of her life was to build the most beautiful tomb in the world.

Apart from the body of Humayun the bodies of Bega Begam and other relatives were also buried in the tomb later.

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Amazing Interior of Humayun’s Tomb

Architecture of Humayun's Tomb

The beautiful architecture of Humayun’s Tomb will start to allure you right from the panoramic view. The huge dome is visible from the distance. Going inside the Mausoleum you will find the interior equally fascinating as the outer view is. The ceilings are carved to give them a complex yet beautiful shape.

The walls are built with sand stone and the marble gives the defined decoration to them. The floor is covered with marbles gives it somewhat a royal look.

Pleasing Gardens

Humayun's Tomb Beautiful Garden

If you are not willing to walk . Still enjoy the beauty of the tomb, by just siting anywhere in any garden. And, start talking with your friends and also keep on gazing at the perfect beauty of the mausoleum.

The view will make you wonder, how the architects and the workers had done it so much perfectly without having any real machinery at that time.

Charbagh Style

Garden @ Humayun's Tomb Delhi

Humayun’s Tomb introduced the charbagh garden to Delhi.

Charbagh Garden is a Persian style of gardening. Here, where 4 square shaped gardens are joined by streams to give out an unbelievable view.

The gardens are so large that children can play whatever they want there and fresh breeze will not let them tire soon.

Heaven For Photogenic

Humayun's Tomb Perfect Picture

Through the entrance gate you will reach the fountain that is in the front of the mausoleum. There you can bring out the model inside you and start posing to get different clicks.

And a lot of selfies you can have with beautiful background. If you are not good in clicking photos you can hire a professional photographer. Just bring your dresses and add new photos to your album and new beautiful memories to you mind.

Easily Accessible

How to Reach Humayun's Tomb Delhi

Located in the heart of Delhi the Humayun’s Tomb is easily accessible from all sources of transport. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium metro station is 2km away you can use either bus or auto from there. For bus user the reach out will be easier as Humayun’s Tomb has its own bus stop.

Just plan your trip now. The entry fee is Rs. 10 per head if you are an adult citizen of India or SAARC and BIMSTEC countries. Below 15 years are free to enter. And, 250 rs for foreigners. The place is open 6.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Will Invite You Again


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The beauty of this place and the historical value will attract you again and again.

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