How to Visit Delhi in Limited Budget – A Trip to Delhi in Budget

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Howdy mates, planning to Visit Delhi in Limited Budget? No Problem we are here to help. We are back again with another post in Travelling in Delhi series. Today we will guide you through Travelling and Staying in Delhi when you’re on a limited budget. It is possible to explore the heart of India within budget. So, read this post carefully we will give you all insights about the city and will help you to cut down your expenses.

Visiting Delhi in Limited Budget

If you are an Indian, on a tight budget, it is never recommended to take a flight. Cut your costs here. If you’re coming from nearby places like of Chandigarh or Nainital – You can take a Bus. I will suggest you to take a Government bus ,as they will be cheaper than the Volvo one’s.

I’ll suggest you to travel during daytime as sometimes it’s not safe to travel in mid night because of many reasons – Pickpockets, eve teasing etc., these are not very common crimes still we want you to be safe. So, if possible travel during daytime and sit in starting rows of bus.

If you are coming down here from cities like Chennai or Mumbai – trains will be the best option. Take any train and book sleeper class seats. Trains are very safe, just avoid food sellers on Railway station.

Save money by travelling in metro Delhi- limited budget trip to delhi

Staying in Delhi in Budget

Staying during travelling is one of big thing to worry about when you are one a limited budget. You not only have to find an economical place but also a safe place to stay. To find reliable places you can use Make My Trip or Trip Advisor portals online. The best way to find cheap and safe places to stay in Delhi is OYO Rooms – I personally love their service.

You can find a reliable place in just 1000-1200 rupees per night – sometimes even in lesser price. GoIbibo is your another option to find your stay. One of my recommended place is – ‘Charanpahari Hotel, Jasola’ where you can get rooms in just 800-900 rupees per night. Another safe place to stay in Delhi in budget is – ‘Hotel Sun International’ in Paharganj. Where you can stay in around 600 rupees, subject to availability of rooms.

One last option to stay in budget is for Adventure lover – Find a nearby Gurudwara which holds service of staying, and you will be staying there for a night or two in free. 😉

Limited Budget Hotels Delhi

(Hotel Sun International Room)

Travelling in Delhi in Budget

How to Visit Delhi in Limited Budget – A Trip to Delhi in Budget

Travelling in Delhi is quite economical if you are smart. You can use Metro for almost all big places in Delhi. The DTC bus service is fine too. The only drawback of DTC bus is, they are not very time effective. Most of the times you will end up being irritated by the Traffic. One thing I want to warn you about it – maintain distance from Auto Drivers. Most of the local Auto Rickshaws try to fool tourists, as most of the tourists do not have any idea about the destination distance, so they over charge outsiders mostly.

One great alternative for this is, Take OLA and UBER cabs – Not only they are affordable but also safe. If you want to cut your costs on cab, you can take Uber POOL – where you will be saving money by sharing your rides with other passengers. Conclusion is – Take Metro whenever possible. Have a look on Delhi Metro Map to find out where Metro is available. Second option can be your DTC Bus, Download Android Apps for DTC Bus routes – there are plenty of them on Play Store. Third option can be your cabs.

So, this is it guys for now. We will keep on posting here guides for Travelling in Delhi. You can check out our previous posts : Best Time to Visit Delhi, Top 7 Tourist Destinations in Delhi, and Best Food you must try in Delhi. Hope this article helps you to Visit Delhi in Budget, do comment your feedback and share this article. Stay Safe, Keep Travelling.

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