History of Qutub Minar in Short & Detail

short History of Qutub Minar

Every Monument wraps some history some told and some untold stories. Here we are presenting you History of Qutub Minar in Short.

Located in the heart of New Delhi the Qutub Minar has been attracting tourist from India and abroad. This ancient monument is the symbol of Mughal Architecture and had many minute details. But do you know this historic monument was built in the year of 1192? Yes, that right Qutub Minar is more than 800 years old now. Can you believe any modern day monument to sustain for 100 years even?

History of Qutub Minar

Brief history at Qutub Minar

This great symbol of history was built in 1192 by Qutubuddin Aibak immediately after the death of the last Hindu emperor. Yet it is not clear why this Minar of 73m was build but some believe that the main intention behind it’s making was to the new era 0f Muslim Empire to the world. Moreover, it was built as a symbol of their victory. This monument was named after the Sufi saint Qutubuddin-Aibak the Sufi saint who gave the idea of building this monument.

The emperor and his men were only able to add 1 storey to the Qutub Minar.  His successor Iltutmush added 3 more stories to the building. Rest of the remaining construction was done by Firoz Shah Tughlak in the year of 1368.

Isn’t it amazing that this gigantic structure which stands firmly today took almost 200 years to be build and to reach it’s present position? Surely we have many things to learn from history of Qutub Minar…

During 1365 the Minar was damaged by the lighting and was rebuild. Since it’s construction the Qutub Minar has faced many natural and unnatural calamity. One of such another disaster Qutub Minar faced in the year of 1505 when it was damaged by a major earthquake. at that time it was again repaired by the Lodhi Empire King, Sikander Lodhi. That was one of the most earthquake faced by Qutub Minar and you can see the small cracks in it if you try to observe it closely.

One of the major fault in the Qutub Minar is that due to its huge cylindrical tower-like construction it is very prone to the natural calamities like an earthquake. During the year of 1803 this huge Minar suffered yet another damage when it was another earthquake.

Recent History of Qutub Minar

Hisotry of Smith Folly at Qutub Minar Delhi

Major Robert Smith of Eash India Company renovated the tower in 1828. He installed a pillar cupola over the fifth storey and making it till six storey. The Cupola was taken down in the year of 1848 by the order of Henry Harding the very first governor-general of India. But it was reinstalled to the ground level to the east of the Qutub Minar and since that time it is being called the Smith’s folly. At least now you know why it called that.

The inspection of the Persian font inside the inner eastern gateways reveals some different story. The material used in the it’s construction was salvaged by twenty-seven of Delhi’s Hindu and Jain temple. The iron pillar is from the Gupta Empire which predates the Islamic Minar and still has the Brahmic Inscription.

Qutub Minar Delhi

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