Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Delhi, Best Pilgrimage Tourist Spot

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Delhi

Welcome Friend, Myself Saurabh From We started a series of Post on Tourist Destinations in Delhi few months back. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is the latest addition to that. In this post we will discuss various Things you need to know about Gurudwara Bangla Sahib like location, timing, Opening/ Closing time, Day Closed, Best Time to Visit, Thing you should not miss at the Gurudwara.

Bangla Sahib Delhi: Location 

Gurudwara bangla sahib is one of the main Sikh gurudwara. It is Located in Connaught place, New Delhi. Rajiv chowk metro station is just a few minutes away. And, it has its own bus stop which makes is much easier to reach. If you are looking for a place with spiritual and devotional values the, located in the middle of the capital, the Bangla Sahib is the prime source of attraction. Apart from the devotional values the place has a mesmerizing architecture.

The Gurudwara is ranked 1 among the best tourist and pilgrimage spot in Delhi. Besides this, it holds the history of eighth Sikh guru Har Krishan. The gurudwara was built as a bungalow and the residence of Raja Jai Singh in 1664 and later on the residence of Guru Har Krishan. The role played by the place in 1664 turned it into gurudwara.

Bangla Sahib Delhi Timings & Entry Fee: No Fees No Time Limit

Neighbored by Connaught Place the gurudwara is easily accessible.  The parking area is comparatively less but it is enough so no problems if you use private vehicle.

You do not have to pay any entry fees and the place is open all the time 24 hours all 7 days of week.

You can taste the delicious langar anytime you want as it is a 24 hour service.

Bangla Sahib Delhi: Beautiful And Pleasant Art

Apart from being the pilgrimage, the place arrests our focus by its wonderful architecture. The fascination starts right from the first glance. The panoramic view of the place introduces us to a new level of pleasantness.The place is Build from white stone and crowned by golden domes.

The entrance is neighbored by two huge domes from there you will start will start to feel the positive vibes. Marble covers the floor. Here you have to take your shoes out and to cover your hair.

Do not worry, if you do not have the scarf as they will give you a colorful one. And about the shoes, there are volunteers to offer their services they will take care of it. Since, the place takes you one step closer to the value of respect; you will definitely manage them by yourself.

Bangla Sahib Delhi : The Holy Sarovar

The gigantic structure contains a pond or “sarovar”.

The water of the sarovar is holy, according to the story it had cured many cholera and small pox victims.

There are a number of gigantic halls inside the structure, a large kitchen, a school; a hospital, an art gallery and the largest hall for gurubani. Which makes is more than just a place of worship. The school is free for the person in need.

The Langar Hall @ Bangla Sahib 

The large kitchen is known as the hall of langar where the langar is cooked by the Gurusikhs.

In addition to it, a large number of volunteers offer their help in cooking and distributing the food in the langar hall. The langar of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib feeds thousands of people daily.

There are no boundaries, no race, no caste and no religion. Hence, the langar hall displays the example of unity and integration of the nation.

The Door To Guru

Gurudwara means the door that leads to the Guru and the place familiarize the visitors to the words of gurus. The continuous recital of Gurubani pleases the visitors.

The holy gurudwara welcomes all the people no matter what faith they follow or no faith they follow. The raagis keep the environment melodious by their chants and devotional songs.

The music will fascinate you for sure and it will make you one of the raagis and start accompanying them. In addition to, the music will give you a chance to get closer to yourself and get one step closer to god. The delicious langar in the langar halls will please your tongue and will definitely make you a fan of it.

Get Closer To Yourself

Among all the tourist places in Delhi Gurudwara Bangla Sahib holds its pedestal as the best pilgrimage tourist spot. It is a must visit place if you are having a trip in Delhi, the place is an opportunity to know yourself better.

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