Garden Of Five Senses: Timings, Location, Entry Fee & Details

Garden of Five Senses

Hi Friend, I am back with new addition to our Tourist Destinations in Delhi One of the latest attractions in Delhi, a theme park is Garden of Five Senses. Here We Bring Timing of Garden of Five Senses with Opening & Closing Time with day closed, entry fee, location and other details.

The Garden Of Five Senses is quite pleasing to eyes. The Garden Mostly focused on the sublime scenery and the interesting infrastructure they have. Their main objective is to catch the eyes of the observer. Surely they got success in it but the other senses are also stimulated by garden of Five Senses.

Garden of Five Senses  Location


The best way to reach the garden of five senses is by Delhi metro. The nearest metro station is Saket on yellow line. The garden is located at a distance of almost 1 km from the metro station. You have take a auto or a Rickshaw from the metro station. If weather permits you can have a little walk too.

I would personally suggest you to use Ola or Uber instead of auto.

I would also suggest you to use metro over bus as it is more convenient and easier to reach the garden of five senses by metro.

The Garden of Five Senses:  Timing

The garden remained open from 9 am to 7 pm in summers from April to September.  Winter timings of the garden are from 9 am to 6 pm. You should avoid the garden during afternoon particularly in summers(April to June).

The best time to visit the garden is during 4 – 7 pm in summers. During winters if its sunny you can spend a lovely afternoon here. If you want to enjoy greenery of the garden visit it during springs (March to April). It is the time when flowers blooms and beauty of garden is at is peak.

The Garden of Five Senses : Entry Fee

The garden has been developed by Tourism Department of Delhi and is maintained by it. There is  a nominal entry ticket of Rs. 20 for adult and Rs. 10 for children & senior citizen.

How  is Garden of Five Senses Ultimate Thrill ?


The Garden of Five Senses is a place which can tickle each of your senses. It was Built over a rocky terrain in 2003. It Covers an area of more than twenty acres in the heart of Delhi. Undoubtedly the Garden is a masterpiece of art.

The Garden of Five Senses

We cannot focus if our eyes have enough visualization of the things, so they failed to retain our interest for long time. The garden of five senses keeps you motivated and your adventurous journey going. As the name suggests, it is a garden of five senses it allures all of our five senses and never give us a chance to be bore.


The pleasantness it provides to our eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin makes it unique among all the tourist spots in Delhi. The carefully arranged, handsome garden is an eminent source of entertainment. Apart from the attractive designs, the garden is popular for its cultural activity and social gathering events.

Philosophy And Purpose


The purpose of the garden is to provide you amusing, delightful and natural environment that will eliminate the boredom. The philosophy is focused on our five senses and the divert desire they have about entertainment. The adroit planners looked about the need and designed this versatile park as it contains various themes.

A Heaven For Eyes


Beautifully decorated by greenery, mountain fountain and artwork, the place seems to be the heaven for eyes. The replica of Labna Arch somehow looks better than the original one in Mexico. The pyramid like structure concealed by the temple is the prime attraction arrester. The Arch of Labna seems comparatively smaller but the greenery surrounds it to make it a charming beauty.

The Fascinating Fragrance

DSC09295 (1).jpg

The garden has the theme of mughal garden, where the greenery concealed the fascinating fragrance, which can beguile your interest. The sweet aroma matches the green trees and mountain and gives the best out to you. The garden will please your sense of smell as much as it pleases your eyes with the indescribable pleasure.

The Song That Nature Plays


The garden is famous for keeping you entertained for almost entire day but everyone knows they cannot live for 24 hours in a packed place. The place has a few thousand visitors in it all the time but still the place manages to keep you away from the cacophony of the throng. Here again the nature part comes into play and you are delivered a melodious tune by the birds. From the chirping of sparrows to the cuckoo will keep you fresh.

Touch You Mentally, Touch You Gently


Due to its magnificent beauty, sweet fragrance and pleasant background tunes the place definitely touches you mentally, apart from this the place also touches you physically. The excellently executed art on the architecture you can feel by touch and the cool breeze that touches you gently on your face, will take you sourness away for sure.

Do Not forget About Tongue


After enjoying the nature for hours, your tummy will ring the bell but no worries, as the place is equipped with restaurants that serves ridiculously delicious food. The natural surroundings add additional taste to your meal.

A Must Visit Place

HO HO bus Delhi-garden of five senses 2.jpg

Away from the pollution of Delhi, this place got more than a hundred traits to make you feel wonderful. If you are a diehard fan of artistic values and natural beauty, this is your place and by the end of your trip you will definitely have an inerasable memory.


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