Best Food You Must try in Delhi – Famous Food of Delhi

Chhole Bhature Food of Delhi

Hi Foodies, today we are back with another listicle on our Travelling in Delhi Series. Here we will talk about the Best Food You Must Try in Delhi. These food items will be really great if you want to taste the Famous Food of Delhi. If you are in Delhi or have planned to visit Delhi, you must be prepared to have some Delicious Food. You can taste some of the Best Street Food of India here. We will talk about the Traditional Food of Delhi and Staple food of Delhi. These food items will not pay a great load on your wallets as most of the famous food items are cheap in Delhi. So, let’s begin our food list.

Most Famous Food of Delhi:


These are the Best Food You Must try in Delhi – Famous Food of Delhi

Samosa’s are some kind of magical stuff, it’s really delicious and affordable. Eating samosa is one of the addiction which is really hard to quit. Samosa’s starts from just 10 Rupees. Samosa’s are served with 2 types of chutney’s generally – The red one and green one. You can have samosa with masala tea for better experience


momos – Famous Food of Delhi
Momos came from Nepal and China but now in Delhi they are in a Huge Demand. Almost in every corner you will see momo stalls and shops. There are various types of momos like – Veg Momos, Non-Veg Momos, Fried Momos and currently the new trend is of Chocolate momos.

Special food of Delhi


biryani – Famous Food of Delhi
Biryani is a traditional food of Hyderabad but due to large population and varieties of cultures in Delhi, even Biryani became a very Special Food of Delhi. You can have Veg or non-veg biryani, whatever you like to have. Biryani is served with Raayta and Chutneys generally. You can find Best Biryani Shops in Old Delhi.

Butter chicken

BUtter chicken – Famous Food of Delhi
For all the Non-Vegetarian’s this dish is really a treat. Recently asked a Nigerian couple if they like Butter Chicken of Delhi. They answered – “It is the best thing ever went through their food pipes”. Taste of butter chicken cannot be explained in words 😉 Taste it once, Love forever.

Traditional food of Delhi



jalebi – Famous Food of Delhi

You will find Most of the famous food in Delhi is quite spicy, but wait. Not all. Jalebi the sweetest snack of Indian Market probably. It’s an affordable food item. You can have 100 grams of Jalebi in just 40-50 Rupees from a good shop. Try eating Jalebi’s with Curd or Milk. It tastes like Heaven.

Street food of Delhi


Chhole kulche – Famous Food of Delhi
Kulche are made by using Maida and is eaten generally with Chhole. If you’re a foreigner and don’t have a strong metabolism, stay away from this food item. Chhole Kulche are not easy to digest sometimes, but with taste they never compromise.


chaat – Famous Food of Delhi
ahan Chaat … Yummy. I doubt if anyone really hates chaat. These are so delicious in taste. You can have a great chaat at Bikaner-Wala. You can also taste Chaat at local streets if you’re not much concerned about hygiene.

Staple food of Delhi

Paranthas – Famous Food of Delhi
Paranthas are the most popular special food of Delhi. From school students to office employees have it in at least one of their meals. You can find a variety of Paratha’s in Delhi. Visit the famous Paranthe of Gali in Chandani chowk if you really want to have some freaking awesome paranthe.

Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal – Famous Food of Delhi
The whole point of having staple food is to derive nutrients from the food. Rajma-chawal does that really well. Rajma chawal will provide you a good amount of carbohydrates. For a person, one time meal of Rajma-Chawal will cost you around 100 Rs in a good shop.

Cheap(Economical) Food of Delhi

Chhole Bhature

Chhole Bhature Food of Delhi
It is one of the most delicious stuff of this list. Chhole is a curry and Bhature’s are the fried breads of Maida Flour. This is a heavy dish. These are really cheap food to have in Delhi, prices start from Rupees 40 i.e., Less than a $ for one meal consisting of 2 bhature.

Aloo Tikki


Aloo Tikki – Famous Food of Delhi

Aloo tikki is my favorite snack of all time. You can see a Tikki stall in like every 500 Meter of Delhi Streets. This is really very common and cheap food item to have. This stuff is quite cheap but shouldn’t be consumed too much or you might end up upsetting your stomach for 2 days.

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