The Best Time to Visit Delhi : The Heart of India

Best Time to Visit Delhi

Hello folks, just wondering what is the Best Time to Visit Delhi India? or wanting to know Which season is Best to Travel to the capital of India. In this Article, I’ll tell you about the different climates of Delhi. This city is considered as the Heart of India for different reasons – one reason is its weather. In Winters, this city is as cold as hill stations, in summer it burns like fire and when it rains – it makes the survival hard here. Here I have given a small insight of Different Weathers of Delhi, some suggestions on When to Visit Delhi.

Find Out the Best Time to Visit Delhi :-

Delhi in Summer

Is Summers Best time to Visit Delhi

During Summer – From Mid-April to mid-July, it’s not wise to travel to Delhi. Summer is definitely not the Best Time to Visit Delhi. Temperature normally always exceeds 40C. Humidity makes living unpleasant during summer. If you want to travel and explore Delhi, I will suggest you to stay out of capital in May and June. Delhi’s summer really sucks and it’s not going to be a good trip for you if you plan to visit here in hot days.

Delhi in Winters

Delhi in Winters Best Time to Visit Delhi

In Delhi, When it’s summer – it’s too hot and when its winter – its hell colder. Visibility level decreases a lot in mornings and evenings. Day ends at 5-5.30 PM so you can’t enjoy the late evenings. Winter in Delhi, is still better than the Summer and Rainy season but I will still recommend you to not visit Delhi when its freezing cold time (2nd Week of December to 3rd week of January) time.

Delhi in Monsoon

Best Time to visit Delhi during monsoon

Look at this picture below, these scenes are commonly seen during monsoons here. In July and August, the traffic problem is never easy to tackle. If you plan to explore the Heart of India by Cabs, your 1 Hour journey here might extend up to 2 and a half hour something. It’s never wise to come to this city in Rainy Season, What’s the advantage of coming here in a season when you can’t enjoy travelling here.

Best time to Visit Delhi

If all weather sucks here – is there any Best Time to Visit Delhi?

Best Time to Visit Delhi

Yes, The weather sucks here. But there are some months when you can visit Delhi and enjoy its pleasant beauty. Best Time to Visit Delhi is – March and October. In Both these months, the climate becomes too wonderful. March is the month when winter is just ended and in October – the winter is about to come. There’s little bit of cold in morning and evening time. There’s not much humidity in Air. I can guarantee it, travelling to Delhi In March and October can be a great experience. At least you won’t be sweating like a pig in or freezing your body in these months.

One more Bonus point of travelling to Delhi in both these months are – You will get good deals. The Season end sales are great and you can grab some really good Delhi stuff in affordable price. The conclusion is, have a visit to Delhi in October or March. I hope you find my article helpful, have a safe journey and Enjoy your trip . 😉

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