Amazing Hill stations near Delhi: Must Visit Hills

Do you love visiting Hill Stations as much as I do? May be yes, may be no. Visit any these Amazing Hill Stations near Delhi and you will love living. Take a break from your monotonous daily life and pack your bags. You can read our older post on Delhi or about other Indian Cities travel guides on our website. So, without any further dues let’s roll our list:

Hill stations near Delhi

Amazing Hill stations near Delhi
If you ask 10 Delhiites to name some Hill Stations – You will find Nainital in the list of at least 9 people. This place is very popular for tourists. You can do boating here (210 Rs – 2 seaters), which is very much cheaper than any other famous place. The view is always awesome of Nainital.
On the top it, there’s not only one lake – You can visit other lovely lakes like – Bhimtal, Naukuchiyatal etc. There are a total of 7 lakes, out of which 3-4 are quite large and famous.



Shimla  Best Hill stations near Delhi
Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, It is like the Desi Switzerland of Indians. I will suggest you to take Train to reach Shimla to see some amazing route of this path. This place has got everything you will ever need in a hill station – Peace, Beauty, Tasty Food, Adventures, Historic Temples etc.


Best Hill stations near Delhi
Mussoorie is known as the Queen of hills. It is around 300 far from Delhi, it will you 5 – 6 hours to reach. You can take a bus or cab to reach or you can also travel via Train.
Although Mussoorie is a lovely place I will suggest you to not visit here during season times (peak of summer especially). As everything will be overpriced during season times and it will also be very-very crowdy.

Kullu Manali

Amazing Hill stations near Delhi
Here’s another spot in our list of Hill Stations near Delhi, Kullu Manali is the ultimate spot for your next trip. I went there last year with my college friends, just loved it. You will see some amazing scenes of our mother nature, Beautiful lakes time to time in the path, old and beautiful temples.
There’s a lot of things to do, things to experience here in Kullu-Manali which just can’t be written. If you get time, visit Solang Valley to experience some Paragliding.

Auli – Uttrakhand

Hill stations near Delhi
Ready to get some Hill-Gasm? Come to Auli and Experience the epic beauty of Himalayan Ranges. Auli is very popular for skiing and trekking among Indians. You can learn about Gadwali Traditions here.
You can also have some ‘pahadi’ food which is the bonus part added to experience watching magnificent mountains. In all these lovely places – Auli is my favourite Hill station near Delhi.


Dharamsala is generally famous because many people stay here for trekking to Triund. I took this above pic in snowline café after I trekked a few KMs more from Triund. Going to Dharamsala was once in a lifetime experience. You can also visit Kangra fort which is very near to Dharamsala. So, If you’re a traveller with a limited budget, you can stay at McLeodganj which is just 5 KM ahead from Dharamsala – Quite cheaper in food and lodge terms.


Amazing Hill stations near Delhi
Kasol is a very popular place for youths to spend their weekends for one particular reason – hash, charas or maal whatever you say it, but apart from weed, Kasol has got other things to enjoy too.
You can trek here can stay overnight in a camp, and when you wake up in the morning in the lap of hills, watching the bright sun shining – oh god. You will never forget that moment.

I hope you liked our list of some Amazing Hill Stations near Delhi, do comment and share if it was helpful. Check out our previous posts: – Top 7 Tourist Destinations in Delhi, and Visit Delhi in Limited Budget?

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