Interesting Facts about The Taj Mahal, India

Interesting Facts about Taj Mahal India

Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and most popular tourist destination of India. So, People from all over the world come to see the largest monument of Love.  Shah Jahan build Taj Mahal in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The word “Taj” of Taj Mahal comes from her name. But there are many more facts about Taj Mahal which can amaze you. Let’s have a look at some of the lesser known interesting facts about Taj.

Interesting Facts Taj Mahal

Constructed with huge man power

More than 22,000 workers were required to complete the construction Taj. Construction of Taj Mahal continued for more than 22 years. So for Construction of Taj Mahal almost 1766660000 man hours was devoted.

Story of arms of artisans being cut-off

There is a story that hands of all those who worked on Taj Mahal were amputated to make sure that no such structure was ever built again.

But the head architect for Taj Mahal was Ustad Ahmed Lahauri, who worked on many other projects for Shah Jahan after Taj which clearly means that all these stories weren’t true.

Interesting Facts Taj Mahal

Minarets or Pillars on Taj are pointing outwards

The four minarets around Taj Mahal are tilted outwards. This is because, if there is any natural disaster, for example earthquakes, pillars won’t fall on the Dome ensuring safety of the Tomb.

Small hole on the ceiling of the main hall

The small hole is an attempt of one of the worker who decided to sabotage the Taj Mahal. One of the artisan came to know that Shah Jahan is going to amputate hands of the workers so in an attempt to keep some flaw he left a small hole on the ceiling.

Interesting Facts Taj Mahal

Covering of Taj Mahal

Fact Taj Being Covered During Wars

In order to misguide bomber planes Taj Mahal was coverd with a huge scaffold which looked like pule of bamboo During world war –II. During Indo-Pak was of 1971 Taj Mahal was covered with Jute. Similar covering was done in  Kargil War.

Cost of Taj Mahal

In 1632, cost of Taj Mahal was estimated to be around Rs. 32,000,000. If estimated today, cost of Taj could well be above $ 1,000,000,000. But for the world and Indians it is priceless. 

Mumtaz was not first love of Emperor Shah Jahan

Mumtaz Mahal was third wife of Emperor Shah Jahan. More interestingly She died delivering Emperor’s 14th child .  The Emperor didn’t married after death of Mumtaz Mahal. Out of 14 children only 2 survived.

Interesting Facts Taj Mahal

Plan for Construction Second Black Taj

Emperor Shah Jahan wanted to built a mausoleum for himself. The planned Taj was  identical to Taj Mahal but build with Black Marble. In the Writing of European Traveler, Ta vernier who met Shah Jahan just before his death reveals that the plan could not be completed because of Aurangzeb.

Black Taj Mahal Facts

Grandeur of interior work

The interior of Taj Mahal uses 28 different kind of precious and semi-precious stones. The Stones were imported from Sri Lanka, China, Tibet, and from several places of India.

Foundation would have collapsed years ago

Experts believe that foundation of Taj, could have collapsed years ago had it not been for Yamuna. The Taj Mahal has Foundation build from wood. Due to moisture of River Yamuna it will last long. In future there is a strong possibility that the whole structure may collapse.

Here we have tried to collect all the interesting facts about Taj Mahal. If we missed something you can give your suggestion in comments.

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